Participant Recruitment

Recruitment Planning

The CTSI Trial Innovation Network provides hands on assistance with recruitment planning, recruitment feasibility assessments, and recruitment materials. Visit the TIN site to learn more or contact Jordan Daniel at or email the main inbox at

Other Recruitment Materials and Strategy

Successful study recruitment involves development and implementation of a well-coordinated plan that may require the efforts of the entire research team. Once in place, subject recruitment efforts must be frequently assessed, with new strategies implemented as necessary. The study team must only use recruitment strategies and advertisements that have been approved by the UCLA IRB for that specific study.

Based upon the specific inclusion/exclusion criteria for a study, the study team should establish a suitable recruitment plan that is outlined and approved in the IRB application. Listed below are resources to assist with your recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Guidelines and Tools

CTSI Clinical Cohort Finding Services

Recruitment Services including cohort size estimation, cohort identification based on electronic health record (EHR) data, and generation of condition-specific patient populations for study recruitment / chart review. For more information or to request assistance contact CTSI Consulting Services. 

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