CareConnect/Research Connect

What is CareConnect? (overall Epic)

CareConnect is UCLA's electronic health record (EHR) program, which integrates inpatient and outpatient clinical records with appointments, registration, billing, and other business-related functions throughout UCLA Health System and David Geffen School of Medicine. CareConnect puts an increased emphasis on patient safety and medical error prevention by creating one electronic patient chart that’s accessible across the institution, increasing the continuity of care. By housing all patient information in one electronic database, it eliminates the duplication of tests, sends alerts to warn of allergies to medications or contradictions and creates an easily accessible mechanism for sharing information.  

Please call 310-267-2273 (7Care) to place a ServiceNow ticket for any assistance needed with ResearchConnect (e.g. Study Activation workflows, How to Use OnCore..etc) or CareConnect (e.g. Create OrderSet/SmartSet..etc).  

What is ResearchConnect? 

ResearchConnect is a collaborative initiative to build a robust and sustainable clinical research infrastructure across both the campus and the health system. This will be accomplished through the integration of a new Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) - called OnCore - with key campus-based systems such as WebIRB, PATS and CareConnect.  As a result, the following key goals and benefits will be achieved:

  • Unburden the Study Team.
  • Standardize workflows and increase transparency across the enterprise with regards to clinical research.         
  • Ensure efficient and appropriate financial by tracking patient related charges to increase the accuracy of research billing.
  • Allows study coordinators to track enrollments of patients and studies and generate reports.
  • Alerts clinicians when patients are participating in research studies. This provides important contact information in case of adverse events or potential drug interactions.
  •  Notifies principal investigators and study coordinators via In Basket messages when subjects are admitted to the emergency department or hospital. This notification increases patient safety by facilitating timely monitoring or response of possible adverse effects related to research.

Please visit ResearchConnect for more information about the ResearchConnect implementation:

Research Connect Ancillary Research Services

Information on the activities required relating to Ancillary services for you to activate your study.  Note that your study activation could be delayed if you do not complete the study start up process required by the applicable Ancillary departments.

CareConnect/ ResearchConnect Access and Training

Please click the following link to access the UCLA CareConnect Training Website and ResearchConnect Training Materials: Tips and eLearning

Call Customer Care!  310-267-CARE (2273).  
Specialists are available 24/7 to provide support. 

Who uses CareConnect and ResearchConnect?

An estimated 18,000 faculty and staff use CareConnect with the following roles;

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Advanced-practice nurses
  • Other clinicians
  • Trainees (fellows, residents, interns)
  • Students
  • Staff members working with scheduling, registration, billing, patient placement (ADT), and health information management (HIM)