Radiology Research Imaging Services (RIS)

About Us

Researchers who require research imaging services for their industry-sponsored clinical/translational human studies apply through an electronic portal developed specifically for this purpose by the Radiology Office of Research Affairs (ORA).

We are a group comprised of Technologists, Research Schedulers and Administrators who provide expert coordination in the review and establishment of research imaging services for research studies and clinical trials.  We work directly with each study team to determine the needs of the study in the execution of the study protocol.  We frequently utilize the expert knowledge of Radiology faculty (across all subspecialties) and the Q3D post-processing lab to assist with questions and provide additional guidance when needed. 

Study Request to Waive Ancillary Services:  If UCLA Radiology research imaging services are not required, please contact RIS at to request a Waiver of services.

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Services Provided

Imaging research services fall into various categories:  [1] standard of care imaging procedures billed to either insurance/Medicare or to industry sponsors; [2] novel image acquisition protocols not routinely performed in the standard of care; [3] novel image acquisition protocols performed in addition to standard of care sequences; [4] specialized interventional procedures, including percutaneous organ biopsy for either, or both, standard of care diagnosis and research purposes. 

This coordination involves scheduling on the correct imaging platform at the appropriate location(s); incorporating dedicated study protocols into the imaging platforms (CT/MR/US/X-ray); ensuring the appropriate time required for examinations; distribution of exams to the correct diagnostic interpretation imagers; use of protocol-mandated interpretation requirements; collection of requested biospecimens for accessioning by Pathology, and correct up-front billing to 3rd parties or sponsor. 

We provide (but not limited to) the following:

  • Initial administrative (initial and secondary) review to ensure that all necessary information and documentation (protocol) is provided at time of application for services.  Administrative review includes:
    • Requests for missing information necessary for technical review and study set up.
    • Support questions from study teams in terms of imaging requests, which may involve working with financial and coding teams to support study submission.
  • Technical (Radiologist and Technologist) review of the study protocol, imaging manual, and any accompanying study-specific documents to ensure protocol objectives are met, including:
    • Any specialized imaging acquisition requirements beyond standard of care.
    • Suggested revisions to requested imaging examinations to ensure protocol objectives.  This may require direct communications and discussion with study Principal Investigator, study coordinators, sponsor, CRO etc. to ensure adherence to protocol objectives.
    • Specialized radiologist patient interpretation and reporting requirements that are above and beyond the standard radiologist interpretation.
    • Procedures to ensure the correct billing of examinations to sponsor or 3rd party payer dependent upon protocol requirements
    • Study approval and activation within the Radiological Sciences (research) environment with coordination between the RIS team, study team, and the dedicated Radiology research scheduling team to ensure clarity of all study-related instructions and process to schedule, receive, and image study patients.
    • Ongoing maintenance and management of the study that includes, but is not limited to:
      • Sponsor derived amendments that involve changes in research imaging examinations
      • Study team and patient-specific revisions.
      • Billing reviews.
    • Study closure and archiving

Services Not Provided

  • Biopsy - Bone Marrow                                                                                                                  
  • Contact the Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Department – (310) 794-8052
  • Biopsy - Skin
    Contact the Department of Dermatology – (310) 825-6911
  • Bone Density Exam (DEXA)
    Contact the Department of Orthopedics – (424) 259-9807
  • Bone Scan
    Contact the Department of Nuclear Medicine – (310) 983-1419
  • Echocardiogram
    Contact the Kurlan Heart Center – (310) 794-1710
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
    Contact the Lab / MP200 – (310) 794-4238
  • Fibroscan (transient elastography)
    Contact the Pfleger Liver Institute (performed by a Hepatologist) – (310) 794-7788
  • MUGA Scan
    Contact the Department of Nuclear Medicine – (310) 983-1419
  • PET or PET/CT scan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Contact the Department of Nuclear Medicine - (310) 983-1419