Find a Collaborator

Identify Co-Investigators & Collaborators

Use the CTSI Directory to explore profiles and publications of UCLA CTSI faculty and postdocs. Use the directory to search and find subject-matter experts, people with similar interests and more.

Identify Community Partners

The CTSI Community Engagement and Research Program (CERP) helps investigators identify possible community collaborators.

  • Assistance with recruitment and data collection
  • Community outreach assistance from multilingual staff members
  • Identify funding for community-partnered research projects
  • Grant preparation
  • Networking opportunities for community and academic investigators
  • Support for analysis of community-partner data
  • Trainings, symposia and workshops to deepen and promote academic-community collaborations

Request a CERP service using the service request system. Download the CERP flier.

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Last updated: 13 Jun 2016